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  3. Elle doit être en or blanc ou en acier; ce n’est pas la plus moche mais je trouve qu’il devrait passer à Patek Philippe et laisser Jo faire la pub de Rolex en direction des marchés émergents..

  4. I’m trying to adopt a rescued Dachshund or Doxie mix preferably long or wire-hair although smooth coat is fine, too. I live in San Antonio, TX, so what is the chance of giving one of these little sweeties a furever home?

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  7. É verdade André, eu próprio não consigo decidir se gosto mais do «Rio» ou do primeiro álbum. Tem dias…De qualquer das formas, são dois discos BRUTAIS! Abraços

  8. Yes! I don’t remember being too afraid of any of the other episodes but The Ghastly Grinner was the only episode that I couldn’t watch all the way through. It was way too scary. I do remember having seen it all the way through since those days.

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  10. It's been awhile since I read this wonderful book, but I do remember wondering about Cael's ability to transport. Wouldn't he just be tempted to go places all the time? Where else has he traveled (besides the speedy trips he "took" Addie on, LOL).

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  13. Hannes lyckas krama ut nÃ¥gra kronor (200k) till. Ja K*K har inga pengar efter denna säsongen……och snart är det innebandy eller handboll alla gÃ¥r till igen, hahahahahahahaha

  14. Hey, who doesn’t like to root for an ordinary, everyday guy who occasionally turns into a giant ape and has no apparent fear of death because he can keep coming back? I mean, finally, a character I can identify with!

  15. Leo and I watched the trailer before The Mentalist last night. His remark was, ” better bring LOTS of kleenex. I also cry just watching the trailer. The horror we have subjected our horses to defies human emotion. We have the choice of war, they don’t. They simply want to please us. If horses were still used in war, we could end ALL WAR by cloning DINI, (my arrogant prince), who seems to only want to please himself. Seriously, even the thought of Dini pulling a cannon sends me into waves of laughter.

  16. Godmorgon!!!Urnan hos mig är nyproducerad men härlig eftersom den är stor och rejäl! Har köpt den i en butik här i närheten.Önskar dig en underbart solig dag! Igår hade vi en lat dag vid sjön, så skönt!Kram!

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  19. One of my favorite roads anywhere ever. Love the Polychrome shots. Sounds like a fun, if sleep deprived, trip. I’m impressed that you managed to ride the whole road in 12 hours, and still make time for shooting.

  20. C’est toi qui est gossant avec ça calvaire. T’es le seul à avoir droit à ton opinion peut-être?Moi Moi Moi Moi Moi Moi Moi Moi Moi Moi ……Tu donnes ton opinion, je donne la mienne. C’est quoi l’ostie de problème? Tu veux que je me prosterne devant ta sagesse infinie, c’est ça?

  21. AustinRoth If your point is there would be little or no difference between Obama and McCain budgets, then how are we supposed to think of Obama as the 'hope and change' President? You seem to be arguing that he misrepresented himself during the election, and is just another typical politician.That of course is the case, and I, for one, am glad to see the Left beginning to admit THAT truth.Oh, and it isn't being cynical to “argue that the Democrats are just wasting a lot of money for pet projects and that little will be done with that increased spending” – yet again it is accepting the truth of the situation.

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  23. Why is it sad? There are TONS of incubators, and one that just happens to ask that a women is ONE of the founders is discrimination? Is it discrimination or is it just encouragement for women? I find it sad that you would even respond to me with rebuke and criticism without really knowing my story or referencing the article in the article. I am sad for you.

  24. I will certainly give them a hug from you Christina. I’m wondering what will happen at Chelsea and Hamton Court next year, will they still import mature trees as they have in the past? I think we might see different shows in future, or I hope we do.So sorry to hear about Italy’s Sweet Chestnut problem, people will have to start thinking more responsibly when items are imported from elsewhere in the world ?! Nurseries here are burning all their seedling ash trees at the cost of 10s of thousands of pounds and they have been told that there is no hope of compensation, where will it all end?

  25. The globalist oligarchs have been using the offshoring of physical capital to crush wages forgeting that in the years of crushing unemployment the human capital is rotting away.They should all be on trial for treason in all the countries they have passports for.

  26. hi renee or should i say fellow wenchi’m fellow hetheni was one of the other volunteers on the night of the banquet i have a group pic of the the group in the back room on facebook julian d bull,im hoping more people post more pic and vids of the night, such as the cerimonial proceeding…..julian

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  28. I’ve heard something different when I spoke with Doug Foxley and Frank Pignanelli (the latter was the Minority Leader in the Utah House of Representatives). They told me that while the LDS Church doesn’t lobby on most issues, there are a few where they do lobby: alcohol, strip clubs, and gambling. He said that when those issues come up, and the Church has something they want on the issue, they’ll do a full-court press of the Congressional leaders for both parties.

  29. Susan Kizer — I just fell in love with Ashwin all over again! Your photos are absolutely amazing. Each one is perfect. Of course, Sowmya and Ashwin are gorgeous models — and Krishna, too.

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  55. Scandal? (ahem) heheeheehe.. That's quite a climb you guys went through on your way to the abseiling course.. I have never tried abseiling myself but would surely give it a try if there is an opportunity.. We have got to take risks at least once in our lives, don't we? This surely looked like a fun thing where you and your friends certainly made it look so easy Bella. Thumbs up to all of you for being a good sport!

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    “Bones” has had a strong ninth season so far, buoyed by fan interest in the wedding storyline for lead characters played by David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel. But the show is set to move to the much lower-profile Friday 8 p.m. slot to make room for “Almost Human.”

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    Keep in mind, however, that a personal statement about one of these more common experiences may be a topic about which the admissions committee has already read many times. This may make you less noticeable among those in the applicant pool who share the same general characteristics.

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    Question Time last night featured Tory bad boy, and granny’s favourite, Adam Afriyie. Gosh he was a spectacle to behold. Coiffed and primped like a Savile Row supermodel, he looked as if he’d spent six months in makeup.

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    Varoufakis said this vagueness was asked for by Greece’s EU partners, as including a figure below the original requirement would have made it appear that the requirements were softening for Greece, which might have been unpalatable.

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    San Bernardino police officer Gabriel Garcia, 31, was in critical condition at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center with at least two gunshot wounds to the torso after he and his partner exchanged gunfire with a group they stopped about 2 a.m.

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    A three-time All-Star, Ramirez is a career .300/.373/.500 hitter with 191 home runs, 654 RBI and 261 stolen bases in nine full seasons with the Marlins and Dodgers

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    3 mobile operator, serves 8.6 millioncustomers and has struggled to gain clients in a market that isalmost split between America Movil, with about 70 percent of themarket and Telefonica with nearly 20 percent.

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    With the failure of the scheme, Scotland’s coffers were reduced to zero — Scotland was bankrupted through this outrageous gamble.

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    John Chen unveiled the Blackberry Leap — a touchscreen model without a physical keyboard — at Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress trade show this week, and said a further three designs would be launched before the end of 2015.

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    Investors are increasingly turning to low-cost index funds, a specialty of rival Vanguard Group

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    His Democratic Unionist Party insisted that Northern Ireland’s union with Britain could not tolerate concessions to Irish nationalist demands.

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    Citizenship and Immigration Services, gave special treatment in three cases, including to a company run by now-Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, the report found, but it also determined that Mayorkas had broken no laws.

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    With Henry’s blessing and full support, Werner agreed to become a candidate to oppose Manfred, even though he had no credentials for the job other than being the most hated man in San Diego.

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